Akil’zon (Eagle)

– Loose spread, stack for Electrical Storm (timer) watch out of rain appearing, this is the indication that electrical storm is coming any second, then loose spread again once storm over.
– Killed spawned eagles as to not get overrun.
– Gaunlet prior to boss stops when you pull last mob on the stairs before the boss.
– Eagles fly closer to the ground so melee can assist with killing them.

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Nalorakk (Bear)

– Watch bear form, HIGH tank damage with dot and debuff.

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Jan’Alai (Pheonixhawk)

– Loose spread around boss to avoid multiple people getting Flame Breath (from boss to player in line).
– Tank boss on east side near bridge entrance to pick up adds.
– Assign 1 DPS to kill hatchers on west bridge (timer). Only kill one hatcher at a time so the one left alive can slowly hatch eggs.
– at 25% all the remaining eggs will hatch. Make sure enough eggs were hatched by the npc hatchers before taking boss to this health percent. Ideally you want all eggs hatched to be safe.

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– DPS swap to lightning totem immediately, big AoE healing.
– Make sure tank is prepared to pick up lynx add, if left untanked it will run over to other party members and one-shot them.

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Hexxlord Malacrass

– CC 2-3 mobs. Kill (CC) order: Thurg > Fen > Lord (sleep) > Koragg (shackle).
– Healer watch timer for Spirit Bolts (high AoE damage)
– If group has a hunter be careful of mirrored traps being spawned by the boss.

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– P1 (Troll): Grievous Throw (DoT) – heal player to full hp to remove.
– P2 (Bear): Creeping Paralysis (Debuff) – If healer isn’t a priest make sure they get Mass dispel scrolls from the raid buff npc.
– P3 (Eagle): Avoid tornado’s, stay in range of healer.
– P4 (Lynx): Boss will pounce on random targets fixating them and dealing large amounts of damage. Healer needs to be prepared for this.
– P5 (Dragonhawk): Interrupt Flame Whirl if possible and avoid fire pillars.

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