Ysondre (Black Temple difficulty)

Using a Emerald Dreamcatcher which has a low chance of dropping from any Tier 6 raid boss. Players can teleport to and spawn Ysondre within the Emerald Dream.

Defeating Ysondre will provide all the raid members with a 10% increase to any desired base stat or damage for 4 hours (players choose prior to starting the fight by talking to the friendly npc called Emerald Keeper), in addition to a load of toa/gold/boj + an epic gem bag. The rewarded buffs persist through death and will also give the player a 100% speed increase out of combat inside raid/dungeons for the full duration.


– Everyone but the tank needs to stand on side of boss either at range or melee depending on class and role as to avoid being hit by the Ysondre’s tail + breath.
– Avoid slimes, four will spawn in random placements around the boss. Slimes will sleep the fixated player if they get to close.
– Loose spread for chain lightning.
– Tank use mushrooms that randomly spawn around the boss to clear Noxious Breath debuff.
– Kill plant adds as piority and if possible dispell the stacking poison debuff they leave on players. They will spawn in bulk every 25%.
– Healer heal Emerald Elks (2 on ground, 4.4k) to full when they spawn. They can be difficult to target, using a macro can help. If not healed they will enrage and attack the party for a fair amount of damage. Avoid at all costs.
Tip: Enable friendly nameplates, this makes the Elks much easier to identify and heal.
Tip: If possible try to not overlap the plant adds with the elks spawning to help your healer out.
– Ysondre can be repeated as many times as desired, there is no lockout.