Vote Reward System

 Link To Voting System

As a means of helping to grow the server’s community and providing a means for you guys to help us out if desired. We present the vote system. This helps with the sites SEO and also brings server awareness to people looking for a server 🙂 we want them to find a home here so we all have more players to enjoy TBC 5 Man with.

Each time you vote the server up on the selection of private server listing sites you will receive a point. Once you have collected enough you can then use these points to get items sent to your in-game character. To avoid abuse a character does need to be level 66+ to be eligible to recieve the rewards.

Reward Items: [Max 4 points a day – Once every 24 hours]

35 gold4 points
100 gold8 points
450 gold20 points
5 x Field Repair Bot – BoP  (No Eng Skill Required)4 points
1 x Drums of Battle(30 Charges-Portable Bloodlust
No LeatherW Skill Required )
4 points
8 x Token of Achievement (Buy vanity vanilla items)4 points
1 x Warsong Gulch Mark of Honor4 points
1 x Arathi Basin Mark of Honor4 points
1 x Alterac Valley Mark of Honor 4 points
1 x Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor4 points
1 x Badge of Justice4 points
1 x Primal Nether    12 points

Thank you to everyone who voted for the site ❤ Please don’t feel forced to vote, all items are acquirable in-game.