Tempest Keep

Note: You can clear trash up to KT and pull without killing other bosses.


– Boss comes down to top of ramp on West side.
– Ranged should be max range, ideally in the bottom circle under the platform. Tank stays up on the platform, making sure to be right on the edge to not los the healer. Add does knockback when killed, don’t tank it unless it’s safe for the tank to get knocked far.
– Alar does not switch platforms.
– Killing the boss once triggers phase 2, boss will respawn will full hp.
– When the boss turns into a meteor in phase 2, keeping moving so you don’t get hit when it lands on a random player. Ideally move with the tank so he can pick up the small add that spawns after a meteor hit.

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High Astromancer Solarian

– P1: Tank and spank, loose spread.
– P2: Kill adds and spread out.
– P3: Tank and spank.
– Players debuffed with Wrath of the Astromancer should stay away from other players.

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Void Reaver

– All stack but 1 RDPS.
– Ranged dps not stacking should stand at range and move back and forth to avoid orb. Some players choose to run in a big circle around the boss.

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Keal’thas Sunstrider

– P1: Kill one at a time. 1st to back left. Run from gaze. Kick fear. Tremor on Sanguinar if possible.
– P2: Rdps kill staff separately. Tank takes group of mobs, players pickup weapons as they drop.
– P3: When all the adds are resurrected. Make sure to CC them whilst you kill them one by one. Players should stay in range of the range dps holding the legendary staff, as to always have the buff that stops players being inflicted by npc casted stuns/fears.
– P4: Tank should be using the on-use ability on either the legendary shield (warrior/pala) or the legendary tank staff (druid) to absorb pyroblast damage. Don’t swim below Kael’thas head during anti-gravity mechanic. Focus kill phoenix egg.
– Four boss adds can be CC’d.
– Ashes of Al’ar mount has a 5% drop chance.

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