TBC 5 Man Update 10.12.2018

A lot has been going on recently. With our private server open beta looming and the introduction of a number of volunteer closed beta testers [who we appreciate very much :)]; the team is running on all cylinders and as a result development is in full swing.

We have a new menu tab called About/FAQ. Hopefully this page will provide more insight to people who haven’t seen our posts on /r/wowservers or need a more personal answer to their questions

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We’ve Heard Your Feedback!

After announcing our arrival into the private server scene on the /r/wowserver subredit; we received a ton of brilliant feedback and this week has been really busy for the TBC 5 Man team as a result. A lot of discussions, brainstorming and farting around!

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So down to the nitty gritty! What’s changing?

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