Remove Supporter Shirt Sounds

To remove the sound effect from either the Holy Form Shirt, the Purple Flame Shirt or the Fireform Shirt, all you need to do is the following –

First download this zip file containing a folder called “Sound”. Extract and copy this folder into your wow directory and presto. The three empty sound files in this folder overwrite the sounds tied to the shirt visuals.

Download link

If you downloaded your client from the website recently you should already have this folder. It will be missing the sound file fix for the Fireform Shirt though as this is a recent addition.

Visual Guide:
End result should look like below – downloaded Sound folder located inside the WoW directory (the folder it’s installed in). That’s it, you can now play the game without the sounds. 🙂

(remember to extract/remove the sound folder from the zip file before placing it in the WoW directory)