Serpentshrine Cavern

Note: You don’t have to activate every terminal to open the vashj bridge. Go straight to LadyV if desired.

Hydross the Unstable

– Tank swap sides just before 3rd stack; Group can move after first stack.
– Stay spread when elemental is in water form to avoid multiple players getting hit by Water Tomb. (10 yards to be safe)
– When the boss changes form it will spawn four adds that need to be focus killed.
Tip: Aggro table will reset on a form change, so make sure all dps stop damaging when the tank swaps side. The boss shouldn’t cross over unnecessarily, doing so will cause more adds to spawn and will most likely cause a wipe.

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The Lurker Below

– Use fishing (300 is fine) to spawn
– P1: Jump into water to avoid Water Spout.
– P2: Tank on melee mobs, dps kill caster mobs then return to platform to kill melee mobs.
– After phase 2 the boss will reappear and cast Water Spout make sure the tank is prepared to dodge it.

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– P1 (human): Watch whirlwind timer and spread out for it. Tanks can handle getting hit if it’s required to stay close for whirldwind end. Threat resets so tank needs to be quick to pick boss back up.
– P2 (demon): Have RDPS tank it, switch at 10 stacks if possible. Stop dps to drop threat.
– P3 (human+demon): Kill human, avoid whirlwind
– Always focus kill demons to avoid being mind controlled.

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Fathom-Lord Karathress

– Kill order shaman > hunter > priest
– Tank holds all mobs, casters spread out.
– Kill adds/totems asap
– Avoid blue tornado’s, especially the healer

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Morogrim Tidewalker

– Good position for tank would be the top of the ramp close to the lamp.
– Healer needs to keep tank topped.
– Kill murloc adds when they spawn, watch aggro as healer.
Kite boss away from orbs at 30%.

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Lady Vashj

– P1: Loose spread around boss. Static charge player move away if melee and close to other players.
– P2 (70%): Kill elementals before they reach boss, tank elite’s, rdps on striders. Healer can assist with striders if possible.
– P3 (30%): Finish adds, avoid ground poison. Spore Bats don’t need to be killed.
Note: MindControl mechanic removed from the boss. Replaced with a healing/dps reduction debuff.

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