TBC 5 MAN – Rules

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Avoid wintrading arena, abusing battlegrounds(going afk with malicious intent to benefit whilst not participating, joining just for marks at the end of the games, queuing on alts for the pure purpose of inflating the bg queue with no intent to play the games on said alts. etc.) Doing any of the offenses listed will result in a permanent ban.

Is strictly forbidden in Isle of Quel’Danas. Considering this is a player hotspot with active world pvp, the team does not want to deal with multi-boxing drama. Outside of Isles multiboxing is allowed, but the only time you are permitted to world pvp with your multi-boxing team is if someone attacks your multi-boxing team first. This also means no multi-boxing in battlegrounds/arena.

Playing multiple characters but not using multi-boxing software. The use of dirtyboxing in Arena Chest Events is strictly prohibited resulting in harsh punishments (even if you aren’t pvping on both). Additionally dirty boxing in Isle of Quel’Danas is only allowed up to 1 extra character/client.

Casino games in the game channels is strictly forbidden, anything of the sorts will will result in a permanent ban, as with any form of scam activity as well.

Harassment, discrimination or racism in the ingame chat channels is stricty forbidden. If someone puts you on ignore you need to respect that. (Creating a new character to /w the person will be classified as harrassment). Doing any of the offenses listed will result in a permanent ban.

Third Party Tools:
Hacking/exploiting the game using third party tools is strictly forbidden. Doing any of the offenses listed will result in a permanent ban. Additionally the software has an inbuilt anti-cheat that logs when it’s been triggered, these logs will be investigated/actioned accordingly.

Group Interaction:
Ninja looting, blocking instances, getting players locked to ids with no intention of running the raid or just general griefing players using the ingame mechanics will result in a temp or perm ban depending on circumstance.

If caught exploiting a bug for personal gain that doesn’t warrent a permanent ban , all the gear associated or benefits tied to the usage of said bug will be removed and depending on the extent more punishments could be included.

How to report a player?
If you want to report a player for any of the offenses listed above please provide strong evidence via a screenshot or video footage to a GM on discord.

As always play clean, have fun and don’t get tempted by the allure of trying to exploit. As many find out the hardway you will eventually get caught out. It’s not worth it!