TBC 5 MAN-Update 24.01.2019

The first Arena Season will kick off this weekend as stated in the banner. We skipped Season 1 due to SSC being available at launch.
The Eye progress announcement this weekend, mainly concerning decisions on how intial testing will be preformed, such as whether it will be on PTR or Live and what will drop for testing runs prior to “offical” content release (if on live) and a rough timeline for releases.
Hyjal showcase screenshots in #pic discord channel (may need to scroll up). The place runs beautifully, big credit to the cmangos devs for their work in there.

On other notes, since adding the pvp vendors, the pvp daily and tweaking the system to ensure it’s balanced numbers wise it seems we are in a good spot. I’ve had some really fun and engaging WSG matches in the past few days. Lets keep them going!

Lastly big thank you to the few who have donated. We have successfully covered this months server bill and a tiny bit of next month. Couldn’t ask for anymore ❤

And also all the groups who have provided feedback on the raids, plus our bug reporting members 🙂 We’ve come a long way and theres always more things to improve upon.

Issue Tracker:
If you want to keep track of the more prominent cmangos bugs, feel free to following the offical cmangos issue tracker. Be mindful that it’s an area for development not discussion.  https://github.com/cmangos/issues/issues

TBC 5 Man – Update 13.01.2018

A quick update! We are now entering into the third week after launch and what a jounrey it has been so far. Congratulations to everyone currently progressing through the raid content, I hope RNG has been in your favour.

Also thank you for all the support, tons of feedback recieved and a lot of fixes put in place. We won’t stop until you stop reporting 🙂

Concerning what’s round the corner. Oh boi do we have plans. So far this is on the agenda and the progress is moving quickly. You should see implementations in the coming week or even days

Additions being worked on:

[COMPLETED – NPC IN SHATTRATH] A custom Ethereal npc that provides a multitude of dailies requiring normal end boss dungeon boss kills.The reward is health and mana potions. Maybe 5-10 per quest. [Keeps people doing the normals helping people get gear who are new, also a reason to go do the dungeons to max their rep and they ultimately the end goal of assisting people get potions for raid progression.]
— Outland 1-300 skilling Profession guides on the website
— Weapon oils(maybe others things too) from HC dungeon dailies requiring end dungeon boss kills. (needs more understanding and brainstorming)
— [COMPLETED] Doomlord Kazzak 10man scale
— [COMPLETED – FIRST DRAFT]Custom PvP vendors selling items for honor – this is to encourage pvp/battlegrounds
— The Eye continued scaling

Changes To Donations

As a thank you to people who support the servers running costs and help to make this all continue to happen and develop, there are now eligible in-game services available to people who donate.

Please see the donation page for information and ofcourse only donate if you want to support the running of the server. This shouldn’t be seen as a cash-shop. It’s just more options and thank you rewards for our players/supporters ❤

TBC 5 Man Update 19.12.2018

So here we are two weeks from open beta and everything is looking good. Profession assistance in Outland to get skills to 300 is slowly getting sorted and should be finished before open beta release. Plus SSC is extremely close to full completion. In it’s current state everything is ready aside from some trash packs being a bit to easy.

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TBC 5 Man Update 10.12.2018

A lot has been going on recently. With our private server open beta looming and the introduction of a number of volunteer closed beta testers [who we appreciate very much :)]; the team is running on all cylinders and as a result development is in full swing.

We have a new menu tab called About/FAQ. Hopefully this page will provide more insight to people who haven’t seen our posts on /r/wowservers or need a more personal answer to their questions

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We’ve Heard Your Feedback!

After announcing our arrival into the private server scene on the /r/wowserver subredit; we received a ton of brilliant feedback and this week has been really busy for the TBC 5 Man team as a result. A lot of discussions, brainstorming and farting around!

Link to post

So down to the nitty gritty! What’s changing?

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