Onyxia’s Lair

Scaled difficulty level T5, T6, T6.5 (default setting is T5 – doesn’t need to be set). Toggle difficulty settings on the npc located at the start of the raid.

The completion chest will drop 2 random tier tokens for the selected tier difficulty and a new 24 slot bag. Tier 6.5 difficulty has a 15% chance to drop a new custom mount and one random item from KelThuzads loot table, not including the rings or the legendary quest item. Tier 6.5 difficulty also has a 4% chance to drop a Legendary Voodoo Charm.


– Stay on her sides to avoid breath and tail whip.
– 75% HP: ported to first corridor: Avoid fire waves > Avoid eggs to not spawn whelps. If whelps are spawned kill them asap. Corridor has a timer before everyone inside gets one shot so players have to be fairly quick but play it safe.
Tip: To make corridor easier, after first wave hug the outside wall (left side first run, right side second). Stop near the end, wait for another fire wave, then cross. Dropping totems will aggro boss.
Razorgore (mini boss): Face away, aoe whelps, move out for Fire Nova.
50% HP: ported to second corridor: Same mechanic as before avoid firewaves,eggs
– Broodlord (mini boss): Avoid rain of fire.
Tip: Save lust, pots, trinkets, CD’s for Broodlord.
Tip: Whilst Killing Broodlord positioning can make this fight very difficult. Tank pull to middle for 2 blastwaves, then move to just north of east entrance. Move counter-clockwise to avoid rain of fire and Onyxia.
– Onyxia last phase: Kill 2 eggs that spawn periodically ASAP; Avoid hellfire (ground animation)
Tip: Ping the minimap (or call on voice) her position when she moves
Tip: Hunters can use Track Dragonkin
– No attunement required.
– Classic mechanics are still present unless specifically stated as removed.
– Fire resistance is not a requirement and Onyxia wont summon Onyxian Lair Guards.
– Both Onyxia and mini bosses cleave and all threat reduction mechanics have been removed.
– Changing the difficulty will change damage boss hp plus spell timers and spell frequency.
– Razorgore will do a pull in mechanic that hits players 15 yards from the boss followed by a large radius aoe. Players will need to run out of the radius range. Players also 15 yards away will be suspectable to Conflaguration to which healers are not a target.
– Pulsing fire damage will spawn under any players hit by fireball in the last phase and Onyxia will periodically spawn two eggs that need to be killed before they hatch.

Breath locations based on Onyxia’s position during mini-boss phases:
(blue are the safe areas)

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Voodoo Charm Info (4% drop rate on 6.5 difficulty):
The item will direct the player to an Ethereal in Nagrand who luckily sees great value in this particular item and will offer a quest to trade the Voodoo Charm for either of his four collected Charms. The Charm picked by the player as a reward for the trade will guarantee a legendary drop from the next applicable boss kill. For instance if the Charm dropped from Onyxia is traded for a Eredar Demon Lord Charm, the next time that player kills Kil’Jaeden he will be directly rewarded with a Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury and the Charm will be deleted. Glaive choices are separate as well, so you can choose which one you want to drop.