Naxxramas (Sunwell difficulty)

Note: Boss loot can be seen with the use of an addon atlasloot. All items are the vanilla drops just upgraded to Tier 6 quality.


– Fight is mostly about not standing in aoe.
– Move out of prisons (large damage 90% hp!), move out of blizzard. Stand behind iceblock for breath.
– Avoid tail swipe (large dmg/knockback) by never being close to the bosses tail.
– Decurse life drain (use curse scroll which can be bought off the buff npc at the start of the raid or normal decurse spells).
– Frost resistance is not a requirement.
– Secondary blizzard hits will debuff a player for 10seconds with 100% increased frost damage.
– Boss now casts a freezing prison trap on random players throughout the fight.

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Phase 1:
– Assign RDPS and healer to 3 quadrants to kill Skeletons & Soul Weavers. Melee and tank on Abom’s.
Note: Phase 1 Very hard to do with 1 RDPS
Phase 2:
– Transition is challenging, clean up adds and stay near the tank so they can pull aboms off.
– Frost Blast: Healer needs to watch this VERY closely and dump heals into the player right away or they’ll die.
– Move out of Shadow Fissue making sure to have cleared the pulsing effect coming from the red circle.
– Chained Reflection needs to be CC’d immediately, fear until it despawns. Helpful to use a macro.
– Whoever is being fixated by the Exploding Shadow needs to move away while DPS kill it.
– Mindcontrol changed to spawn a Chained Reflection. Mirrors a random player dealing very large damage and will heal the boss if the healer is chosen.
– During P2 an Exploding Shadow will spawn in a random location around the edge of the room, if the shade gets to the target player(has the red beam visual) it will explode dealing aoe damage. Whoever it’s on needs to move away while DPS kill it.
– Only one Guardian of Icecrown will spawn at 25%.

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