How To Connect

First time on the server? If you haven’t already it is highly recommended that you take a small amount of time to read the general FAQs and also watch the new player guide located on the FAQ Webpage.

1. Firstly you need to create an account, to do this please go this link. create an account. This account will be used to log into the game.

2. You will need a licensed copy of the World of Wacraft 2.4.3 client. TBC 5 Man will not directly provide you with the software as it’s not our copyright. However, the software can be found on other areas of the internet.

3. If you already have the client and aren’t using the one provided by the first link above. Open up the “World of Warcraft” directory. The default directory is “C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft”.

4. Open up the file called “” with a text editor such as Notepad.

5. Remove all the current text and change it to:

set realmlist

After saving you are ready to execute the game (Avoid executing the launcher always open via wow.exe) and log in

Outside of the EU? If you live anywhere relatively far from the EU (where the server is based). You can try the following to improve latency between your client and the game server. Our members seem to have great success when they use both the latency fix program in addition to disabling nagle alorithm. (this applies to any Windows OS not just Windows 10) &

**Custom starting gear will show as a ? icon in your bags if unequipped – this is due to icon graphics being held client side. No need for concern. Unfortunatly it does mean you will have to drag them into the characterpane to equip them.**


Please delete your CACHE folder to ensure your client pulls the correct information from the server database. Any problems with items, esp custom items (starting items), is likely to do with an out of date CACHE.
Default location (C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Cache)

Exit the game before doing the following – otherwise it will regenerate with the old data, we want it to pick up the new stuff 🙂 If you don’t see the folder then you can skip this. It will generate upon logging in for the first time.

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