Gruul’s Lair

High King Mulgar

– Order (left to right): Kiggler | Seer | Mulgar | Summoner | Krosh
– Kill order: Seer > Krosh > Kiggler > Summoner > Mulgar.
– Melee move out when boss does whirlwind.
– RDPS tank Krosh, dispel/purge.
– High King Maulgar will stay at 10% hp until all his council members have died.
– Krosh Firehand Fireball damage greatly reduced, Spell Shield damage reduction reduced by 50%. If you don’t have a mage make sure to dispell this buff off Krosh. (having a mage is not a requirement)

Note: Use Magic Dust (any class CC item from ToA vendor or VP)

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Gruul The Dragonkiller

– Spread out, heal through pounding
– Hurtful Strike has a much larger range. Considered raid damage
– Shatter damage radius has been increased to 35 yards.

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