Battle for Mount Hyjal

Note: Players are not require to reclear of each trash wave after a boss wipe. Once a set of waves are completed, the boss still stay up until killed or the raid is reset in memory (basically if no players are in the raid for longer than 5mins).

Rage Winterchill

– Death and decay ground aoe is an instant cast, asaposed to a channeled spell. Make sure to get out of it immediately.
– Healers focus healing players targeted by frostbolt freeze mechanic.
– Kite boss near Jaina so she joins the fight. This is to ensure players get the mana regen buff.

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– All players but tank should avoid being infront of the boss, keep group topped for sleep, kill infernals (they hit hard)
– Make sure raid is evenly spread to avoid uneccesscarly additional applications from bosses cone Carrion Swarm ability

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– Avoid going out of mana at all costs.
– Mana users use mana pots, if you get to 0 mana you get hit for 90% hp. Possible for healer to keep players alive for a small period once they go oom.
– For a small bit of extra dps kite boss to troll camp.
Note: Paladin tanks won’t get hit by the mana draining debuff

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– Frontal cleave
– AoE silence is cast periodically. If possible try not to be casting when it is cast.
– Doom debuff spawns add, run it to tank. Tank/kill add when it pops.
Note: Doom debuff does not instant kill the player and talents to reduce silence affect work.

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– Avoid fire, boss will constantly be spawning fire which will randomly move around the map leaving large fire trails.
– Keybind the slowfall item for airbust. Whole raid will be hit by this mechanic aside from the tank.
– Stack on healer for fear/air burst so you all get punted to the same area. Drop tremor totem if possible.
– Can use invisable walls to handle airburst to avoid a longer run back.
Note: Grip of the Legion cannot be decursed, Archimonde is not stationary and be careful not to leash the boss by running to far. He will reset if he is to far away from his inital resting spot.

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