General Rates:
Instant 70, 5 Man-Scripted Raids & Dungeons
Version 2.4.3
– Professions 5x (Instant 300 Skill) | Rep 3x | Honor 1.75x | Weapon Skill Instant | Alt-Friendly – 4 Rare Drops Instead of 1 On Pre-Raid Dungeon Bosses
First flying mount 150% flying speed 100% ground and it’s free from any dark portal class trainer!

Where do I get real-time updates and news?:
All changes and updates are handled in real-time on the discords #updates channel. The discord is also where a lot of the GM assistance happens.

How many people play on the server?
Peak times 250-320 logged in EU time, a little less NA. Both communities are continuing to show strong growth since the server released on Jan 1st 2019.

As of the 27th of June 2019 – 10,000 raid bosses have died since PVE logging came into affect on May 6th 2019.  http://tbcwow.co.uk/home/pve/PVEStatistics.php

A lot of the custom dailies (reward gold, tokens etc.)  revolve around doing normal/heroic dungeons. For a new player this means easy access to dungeon gear and a smooth transition into Tier 4 and beyond!

What have you changed in the raids?

All raids have been scaled to a 5 man party composition. The bosses are scripted to be blizz-like, however in a small number of cases the script/spells are tweaked for a 5man setup. A good example is mass mind control abilities or bosses that spawn a lot of adds which originally would have been intended for 4 tanks.

What quality of life/General changes so far?-
-Each raid has a npc at the entrance which provides the weaker (level 60) versions of the typical party buffs.

-First flying is given to players for free. Learn the skill from any class trainer at the dark portal and then go to the mount vendor to pick a basic flyer.

-Talent resets are free from dark portal class trainers.

-All professions skill instantly to 300. This means you won’t need to do any vanilla profession grinding. In addition to this there are also immersive farming areas in Outland to collect old world mats if desired.

-Enchanting TBC enchants now creates an item(similar to wotlk scrolls) which can apply said enchant rather than the current system where only the enchanter can apply the enchant via a trade window? These items can also be sold on the AH. No more hunting down enchanters everytime u get a new piece of gear that needs an enchant.

-Player can queue to battlegrounds on the move using items provided ingame from the pvp vendor.

-The Auction house is populated by an AH bot. This is to fill any market gaps. The prices are set to not be in competition with players but also set in away to stop price inflation. See it as the market regulator.

-Shattrath City has an Auction house, old world pvp vendors, target dummies and more.

-Transmutes now have significantly reduced cool down or it’s been removed

-First flying mount is now 150% flying speed and 100% ground.

– All primals (shadow,fire,water,earth,life) have a 2x increase chance to drop.

-A token called ‘Token of Achievement’ drop from any creature/object that drops Badge of Justice. Two drop at a time. Using these tokens a player can purchase old world items from a custom vendor in Shattrath. Mercurius will also trade in 2 Badge of Justice for 1 Token of Achievement if desired or 1 Warsong Gulch Badge for 1 Token of Achievement.

-Death ghost runspeed has been increased by 250%

-Although there are a lot of slight raid changes to suit a 5 man compositions. One piece of information we think to good not to share, is the fact that Hyjal does not require a reclear of each trash wave after a boss wipe. Once a set of waves are completed, the boss still stay up until killed or the raid is reset in hardware memory (basically if no players are in the raid for longer than 5mins).

-Instant Weapon/Defense Skill

What are the QoL or functionality changes to Classes so far?

All the changes below were well thought out changes to accomodate an envirument where a raid can only fit 5 players rather than 25. Majority of the changes below are only effective in raids as to not affect PVP.

Melee DPS:
-A weaker version of a Shamans windfury is now available via a scroll. This is to address it’s requirement for efficient dps output from melee in a raiding comp that lacks a shaman – The spell/scroll is zone restricted and only active in raids. This change was thoroughly tested to be balanced and not exploitable.

-Soulshards are now stack-able to 10

-Hearthstone is now on a 15 minutes cd

-Summoning Demons and creating Healthstones won’t consume soul shards – This QoL change is mainly aimed at reducing the amount of preparation headache for warlocks that mainly pvp or are just generally active in battlegrounds.

-Vampiric Embrace now does 50% less healing in raids. [Context for this change] Considering Vampire Embrace only affects the players in the group the priest resides in. For a 5man raid composition, it scales as if you had 5 shadow priests in each group in 25 man.

-Priest Manafiend leech increased by 40% for Disc/Holy priests when in raids.

-Paladin Holy light will now do a base 250 20 yard radius heal around the beneficiary target. This is an experimental change, tweaks may need to be made based on feedback. [Only happens in raids]

-Avenger’s Shield is now instant cast [still requires standing still] at level 70

-Paladin Illumination mana return increased from 60% to 80%

-Druids now have an out of combat res

– (Boomkin – mana regen) Dreamstate benefit doubled for all ranks. Not active in BG/Arena

-Rage income increased by 40% to offset the lower amount of melee damage taken by mobs in a 5 man scale environment. This is only in dungeons and raids + it only applies to Druids and prot Warriors.

-Druid Swipe now hits 5 targets instead of 3 and generates threat to the same amount as Thunderclap at level 70

-Warrior shouts now lasts 10 mins at level 70

-Rage income increased by 40% to offset the lower amount of melee damage taken by mobs in a 5 man scale environment. This is only in dungeons and raids + it only applies to Druids and prot Warriors.

-Warrior Thunderclap has 20% more threat generation and now hits 5 targets instead of 4 at level 70

-Hunter pets start at loyalty 6 with 290 training points. (requires the owner to dismiss and resummon once after taming)

-Shaman Mana tide regen increased by 25% for the caster of the totem when in raids.

-Mana Emerald mana gain increased by 40% when used inside a raid.

Will are the current raid lockouts?
Kara,Mag,Gruul on 3 days | SSC, The Eye, ZA on 5 days | BT, Hyjal, Sunwell (once out) on 7 days.

What PVP changes have you made?
-Every minute you are in a battleground you earn a PVP token which can be used to buy S1 gear and other goodies.

-Battlegrounds are cross-faction and mixed (if on the oppsite faction, visually you will be changed to oppersite factions race)

-Players are unable to group queue to random battlegrounds (this is for a fair playing field). Depending on the current state of the pvp scene the number can fluctuate between 0 party join or a maximum of two players at any given time.

-Previous season gear set gear can be bought with PvE tier tokens or honor & PVP off-pieces can be bought with Badge of Justice.

-2v2 arena point distribution increased x2 and 3v3 arena point distribution is increased by 2.15x.

-Honor rate is now 1.5x instead of 1.0.

-Battleground token requirements on PVP gear has now been removed from vendors.

-Custom vendors that reward profession goods and a vendor-able item to sell for gold. These can be bought with battleground tokens or honor.
-Battleground balancing system to ensure the numbers per team is balanced for a fair match.

-Daily quests for each battleground, offering valuable reward choices, including a big bag of herbs, a random uncut epic gem, uncut meta gems and more.

-Players have access to a portable battlemaster (to join battlegrounds) via an item bought from on of the PVP vendors in Shattrath. Players can now join on the move instead of having to be in a main city.

What about the starting experience?
A new player will start at level 70 in a immersive custom starting area. You’ll find everything you need at your designated faction camp through the dark portal. This includes trainers (gives u free flying), mount vendor. Lastly you’ll be pleased to hear that all pre-tbc class quest spells or items (totems) are given to the player on character creation. 

Is cross-faction enabled?
Yes, right now Party, Channel Join, Chat and PVP is enabled for Cross-Faction.

When does the server raids/dungeons reset?
– To accommodate as many timezones as possible the current instance reset time is 8am UTC.

What PvE content is out right now?
-Kara, ZA, Gruul, Magtheridon, SSC, The Eye,  Hyjal and Black Temple.

Can you get Badge of Justice gear equivalent to T6 gear?
-No vendors/gear are Off-limits, including Isles until the raid content is out

Is multi-boxing allowed? 
-Absolutely, I love to multi-box myself. It’s a fun way and different way to play the game. The only rule is to not effect another persons play negatively. This would include using multiple characters for the sole purpose of beating up solo players out in the world. If someone attacks your multi-boxing team – this would be the only exception for pvp being allowed. Due to the team not wanting to constantly police this, any abuse will come with a heavy punishment, be smart about it.

How do I get into Heroic Dungeons?
-Attunement Keys for Heroics don’t require rep so you can simply buy them from the faction vendors.(edited)

Is there a global channel for in game group advertisement?
-LookingForGroup channel is player joined by default and is crossfaction & serverwide.

What is the raid lockout on the server?
-Kara,Mag,Gruul on 3 days | SSC, The Eye, ZA on 5 days | BT, Hyjal, Sunwell (once out) on 7 days.

I’ve encounter a rare bug that’s stopping raid/dungeon progression, help! If you do have a problem with a dungeon or a raid that is progress stopping and there isnt a GM around to help quickly. We have made it so instance/raids drop from memory after 5 minutes. Just get everyone to leave the dungeon/raid for the said amount of time, the raid mobs will reset (not resetting progress). Good opportunity for a coffee/tea or toilet break]

What Core does the server use?
We use cmangos which can be found here – https://cmangos.net/ ❤
This server would not be a thing without the countless amount of developers that have contributed to the mangos (+current forks). To them we owe a special thanks.