[Doesn’t apply to people using the recommended client download from the How-To-Connect page] The starting gear will show as a ? in your bags, this is not a problem it’s just due to them being custom and client icons being held client side. Unfortunately it does mean you will have to drag them into the characterpane to equip them. If you want to fix this please download the modified wow.exe from this link under Custom Gear Icon Fix. You can also find the tiny patch needed to fix the clientside icons/tooltips for all the custom mounts. Both are optional to use.

General Service Information:
TBC5MAN originally released publically on January 1st 2019 but has since refreshed on the 10 March 2023. The service has an 99% uptime and all data is backuped daily, whereby it’s exported to multiple seperate of-sites for safe keeping. You can rest assured your character is safe.

How many people play on the server?
As of the March 11th 2023 peak times 300-400 logged in EU time, a little less NA. With it being instant cap and only five people necesscary to do a raid, it should feel like x5 the size in terms of pve activitiy.

350,000+ raid bosses have been slain since PVE logging came into affect on May 6th 2019. [Live PvE Stats Page] & 78,000+ battlegrounds have run. [Live PvP Stats Page] – The stats pages have been refreshed for the fresh server launch.

Social Media:
Please be warned, we do not have any social media pages – any pages representing themselves as TBC5MAN are fake and not run by us.

What Core does the server use?
We use cmangos which can be found here – https://cmangos.net/
This server would not be a thing without the countless amount of developers that have contributed to the mangos (+current forks). To them we owe a special thanks.

Although cmangos is the base, TBC5MAN’s core is privately developed with thousands of hours of independent development time to ensure a premium experience.

What do I do as a new player?
Firstly why not check out the TBC5MAN Raid Wiki. It’s community driven and highlights all the general retail tactics for all the TBC bosses, including notes on any custom changes found on the server; plus if reading isn’t your fancy there are videos showing players defeating the encounters on this very server.

After logging in once you’ve sorted out your character, the best way to start progressing is to join normal dungeons (List of TBC dungeons). Use /4 (LookingForGroup chat) to organise or seek groups.

A lot of the custom dailies that reward gold, tokens and other goodies revolve around doing normal dungeons. For a new player this means there will always be a good pool of players willing to do the normal dungeons to complete those daily quests, regardless of whether they need the dungeon gear or not.

Tip: Please bare in mind saying “LFG normal dungeon” isn’t going to be that helpful. People who form groups wait for people to /w them. The best thing to do is create a group yourself or join a group activitly seeking more players in /4 i.e “LFM 1 DPS 1 Healer Steamvaults Normal”.


Gear Progression:
The server tries to keep to the roots as much as possible concerning gear progression. There are no malls or mall like vendors aside from the two starting faction camps and a few PVP vendors. Gear is earnt through raiding, doing dungeons, the AH, Badge of Justice vendors, PVP and crafting. TBC 5 MAN values the importance of immersion and as such avoids anything that takes away from the experience.

General Rates:
Instant 70, 5 Man-Scripted Raids & Dungeons
Version 2.4.3
Professions 5x (Instant 300 Skill) | Rep 3x | Honor 1.5x | QuestRewardDrop 1.25x | Weapon Skill Instant | Alt-Friendly – 4 Rare Drops Instead of 1 On Pre-Raid Dungeon Bosses
First flying mount 150% flying speed 100% ground and it’s free from any dark portal class trainer!
No Attunements required for raids, heroics and Black Morass.

Where do I get real-time updates and news?:
All changes and updates are handled in real-time on the discords #updates channel. The discord is also where a lot of the GM assistance happens, aswell as the place where all the community discussion occurs, recruitment and social organising. Basically if you aren’t on the discord you aren’t truly on the server! 😉

Whats the starting experience like?
A new player will start at level 70 in a immersive custom starting area. You’ll find everything you need at your designated faction camp through the dark portal. This includes trainers (gives u free flying), mount vendor. Lastly you’ll be pleased to hear that all pre-tbc class quest spells or items (totems) are given to the player on character creation.
alliance starting

horde starting

Can you get Badge of Justice gear equivalent to T6 gear?
Players will need to complete a quest to kill Lady Vashj and Kael’thas Sunstrider before being able to gain access to the The Isle of Quel’Danas Badge of Justice vendor. The quest can be found in the middle of Shattrath.

What PvE content is out right now?
(Fresh Server) Phase 1 is active so only Kara, Mag, Gruul.

(Old Server) All TBC content has been fully released. This means it’s gone through the testing and scaling phase, whereby it is now available to the public. This includes all the raid content. Kara, ZA, Gruul, Magtheridon, SSC, The Eye,  Hyjal, Black Temple and Sunwell. Custom content includes, Onyxia’s Lair, Naxxramas last two bosses, Emerald Dream Ysondre, C’thun and Zul’farrak. World bosses Doomlord Kazzak & Doomwalker are also scaled for 5 man parties and their loot is now set to bind on pickup. Both will respawn every 24 hours.

What have you changed/added in regard to the Raids or Dungeons?
All raids have been scaled to a 5 man party composition. The bosses are scripted to be blizz-like, however in some cases the script/spells are tweaked for a 5man setup. To keep players posted on changes, the buff bot at the beginning of each raid provides handbooks containing lore snippets and also info concerning custom mechanics or changes to boss mechanics (if present). If you’d rather get familar the bosses outside of the game, check out the TBC5MAN Raid Wiki instead.

All in all the aim is always to make the bosses play like they would in retail (contain all the retail mechanics, fully scripted), work for a 5 man party containing 1 tank, 3 dps and 1 healer whilst also adding a bit more challenge to help bridge the gap between the old warcraft content and current players skill level.

Daily Dungeon quests (All the TBC dungeons have a daily quest, they aren’t on a rotation so you can do any or all of the dungeon quests once each day – the rewards will be different on fresh compared to the old server).pve quests

Low level TBC dungeons have been scaled up to normal 70 dungeon difficulty. This means scaled creatures, general loot, bosses drop heroic rare loot & rep on kill increased and rewards to exalted status. Additionally they are included in the daily dungeon quest pool. Current dungeons affected are Underbog, Sethekk Halls, Mana-Tombs, Ramparts, Blood Furnace, Old Hillsbrad Foothills, Slave Pens and Auchenai Crypts.dungeon1

Zul’Farrak is scaled up to be a level 70 normal dungeon with some custom mechanics. All the loot is scaled up or replaced. This includes boss loot and general trash loot. Players will also get an abundance of aldor/scryer rep item drops. Use the atlas loot addon to see the scaled up boss loot.

Naxxramas last two bosses are scaled to Sunwell Plateau in both difficulty and loot as part of a Time-Walking event. All the information can be found on the Naxx tbc5man raid-wiki. (Naxx Sapphiron gameplay – https://youtu.be/Zd26AGe2XdQ) naxx

C’thun has been fully reworked into a custom raid encounter, Sunwell+ difficulty. All the information can be found on the Ahn’Qiraj tbc5man raid-wiki.

Onyxia has been scaled up + completely revamped with three difficulties to choose from. All the information can be found on the Onyxia’s Lair tbc5man raid-wiki.

Toggleable Challenge Mode Zul’Aman. It’s identical in functionality to the normal timed event, but with an increased difficulty. All enemy creatures (boss/trash) gain a 60% damage/health increase buff, including a 30% increase in size. Challenger chests contain gold, toa and boj, to which the amounts of each increases for every consecutive chest looted. The final Challenger Chest (fourth) will contain an additional reward, an exclusive red scarab mount with a speed of 112%. Last two bosses also have chests, but the rewards are static amounts and not part of the timed event. (video of a full challange mode run)scarab

A new custom area has been implemented in the Emerald Dream. Ysondre has been scaled up + revamped. All the information can be found on the tbc5man raid-wiki (video of the fight https://youtu.be/TLi5tph-pKs)


All raids now have a Challenge Mode toggle option available. It’s a 40% difficulty increase and the result will be a random extra piece of loot from the bosses full item loot table, loads of gold, Badge of Justice, Token of Achievement,  and a 15% chance of any ToA reward & Nethers. Mode can be toggled on at the beginning of the raid and off at boss locations. If Challenge mode is toggled off, players won’t be able to toggle it back on again for that id. Kil’jaeden, Kel’Thuzad, C’thun & Onyxia challenge modes also drop the only ingame obtainable form tabards and Kil’jaeden Challenge Mode+ toggle which increases the difficulty further also offers an extra chance on the legendary.
demon female
mad scienttistarmored deaddarkriderWhat are the PVP changes/additions/improvements?
Custom Random BG Queue + 1v1 Arena Queue has been implemented. Queuing into a random BG will reward players with 30% more PvP Tokens & Honor.random bg queue

Every 1.5mins you are in a battleground you earn a PVP token which can be used to buy Season 2 pvp gear and other goodies.

Battlegrounds and Arena are cross-faction and mixed (if on the oppsite faction, visually you will be changed to oppersite factions race)

Players can duel in Shattrath and upon a duel finishing, both players will have their hp/mana pools set back to full and cooldowns reset. Please note this only occurs in when dueling in Shattrath.

Previous season gear set gear can be bought with PvE tier tokens or honor & PVP off-pieces can be bought with Badge of Justice.

2v2 arena point distribution increased x2 and 3v3 arena point distribution is increased by 2x.

Arena points flush twice a week instead of once. Point distribution happens Monday & Thursday morning.

EoTS Battleground is now modified to only have two bases to defend. FR and DR. It’s designed as more of a 10v10 map but it still holds the blizzlike limit of 15 players per team. This modification was put in place along time ago when the pvp scene wasn’t as active as to benefit smaller team sizes. Although the pvp scene is now a booming aspect of the server, each time the option to revert back to it’s original layout is put up for a community vote, players vote heavily in favour of keeping it as two bases.tbc-eot-banner-1

Honor rate is now 1.5x instead of 1.0.

Battleground token requirements on PVP gear removed from vendors.

Alterac Valley is a completely custom BG focused on a more arena-esque vibe where players get increasing damage done/taken + healing recieved reductions by getting killing blows. (Custom Battleground Gameplay – https://youtu.be/DiaaHuNsc78)

Every 1-3 hours (depending on the number of current active sessions) an arena chest event will start. Once active a portal will spawn in Shattrath next to the PvP vendors which will take you to a random location at the current arena event. There are 7 event locations at the moment, the number will keep increasing as more are added. The chest rewards gold, pvp tokens, recipes, darkmoon cards and also a 15% chance to get any of the Token of Achievement vanity or custom toy/mounts. Player kills at the event location will also reward pvptokens and 3x honor.pvp events

Custom vendors that reward profession goods and a vendor-able item to sell for gold. These can be bought with battleground tokens or honor.

Battleground balancing system to ensure the numbers per team is balanced for a fair match.

Daily quests for each battleground, offering valuable reward choices, including a big bag of herbs, a random uncut epic gem, uncut meta gems and more.

pvp quests

Players have access to a portable battlemaster (to join battlegrounds) via an item bought from on of the PVP vendors in Shattrath. Players can now join on the move instead of having to be in a main city.

What quality of life/General changes so far?

Around 30+ new custom mounts obtainable with Token of Achievement badges (no custom client required).custom mounts

Each raid has an npc at the entrance which provides the typical party buffs and also the option to extend the raid lockout. The Raid extension feature is currently only setup for BT/Sunwell, however it’s planned to expand it further so it covers all of Tier 5/6.

When joining a raid or party the leaders saved (IDs/Raids) will now be displayed in the invited players chat. The burden is now on the invited player to check they aren’t about to get saved to a raid/id they never intended to get saved to.

First flying is given to players for free. Learn the skill from any class trainer at the dark portal and then go to the mount vendor nearby to pick a basic flyer.

Talent resets are free from dark portal class trainers.

All professions skill instantly to 300. This means you won’t need to do any vanilla profession grinding. In addition to this there are also immersive farming areas in Outland to collect old world mats if desired.

Max primary professions one character can have increased to 10 from the default 2 limit.

Enchanting TBC enchants now creates an item(similar to wotlk scrolls) which can apply said enchant rather than the current system where only the enchanter can apply the enchant via a trade window. These items can also be sold on the AH. No more hunting down enchanters everytime u get a new piece of gear that needs an enchant. This only works for enchants on this vendor – https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Enchantments_Vendor (Footage of how it works – https://youtu.be/FA0RmdXboVs?t=201)enchant

Amount of herb/mine nodes active at a given time in each Outland zone has been doubled.

Hearthstone is now on a 15 minutes cd

Player can queue to battlegrounds on the move using items provided ingame from the pvp vendor.

The Auction house is populated by an AH bot. This is to fill any market gaps. The prices are set to not be in competition with players but also set in away to stop price inflation. See it as the market regulator.

Darkmoon faire in Terokkar Forest is open 24-7.darkmoon

Transmutes now have significantly reduced cool down or it’s been removed

First flying mount is now 150% flying speed and 100% ground and it’s free from your class trainer at the dark portal.

All primals (shadow,fire,water,earth,life) have a 2x increase chance to drop.

A token called ‘Token of Achievement’ drop from any creature/object that drops Badge of Justice. Two drop at a time. Using these tokens a player can purchase old world + custom items/mounts from a vendor in Shattrath. Mercurius will also trade in 2 Badge of Justice for 1 Token of Achievement if desired or 1 Warsong Gulch Badge for 1 Token of Achievement.

Death ghost runspeed has been increased by 250%

Shattrath City has an Auction house, old world pvp vendors, target dummies and more.Shattrath

Although there are a lot of slight raid changes to suit a 5 man compositions. One piece of information we think to good not to share, is the fact that Hyjal does not require a reclear of each trash wave after a boss wipe. Once a set of waves are completed, the boss still stay up until killed or the raid is reset in hardware memory (basically if no players are in the raid for longer than 5mins).

Instant Weapon/Defense Skill

(Not active on Fresh Server currently) Addition of a World buff npc. Players can collectively donate their Token of Achievement points to Alera in the middle of Shattrath. Once she has enough ToA to meet the goal set, she will announce a 5min timer. When the timer reaches 0 Alera will cast three world buffs on all players within a 500 yard radius. Player can see the current status of the goal by talking to Alera and clicking the interact option.world buffs

 Old world mats can be obtained at specific custom created locations in Outland. Locations on the map below.
Enchanting – Netherstorm, Herbing – Zangarmarsh, Skinning & Mining – Hellfire, Tailoring – Terokkar Forest.


What are the QoL or functionality changes to Classes so far?

All the changes below were well thought out changes to accomodate an envirument where a raid can only fit 5 players rather than 25. Majority of the changes below are only effective in raids as to not affect PVP
All healers have access to bloodlust and heroism, but it can only be used in raids/dungeons.

Melee DPS:
A weaker version of a Shamans windfury is now available via a scroll. This is to address it’s requirement for efficient dps output from melee in a raiding comp that lacks a shaman. It is slightly stronger than windfury totem and will not stack with it or flametougue totem.
The spell/scroll is zone restricted and only active in raids/dungeons. This change was thoroughly tested to be balanced and not exploitable. Additionally it also stacks with a shamans windfury totem and their windfury weapon buff.

Caster DPS:
Curse of elements is also now available via a scroll on the same vendor as the scroll of windfury. It’s the same in that it only works in raids and it’s locked to specific classes. (Mages/Priests/Boomkins)

Soulshards are now stack-able to 40.

Soul Portal now only requires the caster and 1 other person to spawn in the conjured object.

Summoning Demons and creating Healthstones won’t consume soul shards. This QoL change is mainly aimed at reducing the amount of preparation headache for warlocks that mainly pvp or are just generally active in battlegrounds.

Summoning a player now only requires 2 players instead of 3.

Max rank Drain Soul will now give 3 Soul Shards rather than 1.

Vampiric Embrace/Vampiric Touch now does 60% less healing and mana return in raids. Context for this change: Considering both spell effects only affect the players in the group the priest resides in. For a 5man raid composition where damage taken is reduced and the healing/mana return from Vampiric Embrace/Vampiric Touch isn’t being split between 5 groups like in a normal 25 man raid, when scaled down both spells become to overpowered. The mana reduction does not apply to the Shadowpriest that casts the spell.

Priest Shadowfiend mana returned will now go off the priests healing power rather than shadow damage when inside a raid/dungeon, this does not apply to shadow priests.

When the priest’s Lightwell is clicked inside a raid/dungeon, all players in a 80 yard range recieve an additional 15 second mana rejuvenation buff which restores 180 mana every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. The result is 900 mana per charge, out of the possible 5 charges the Lightwell offers before disappearing. Unlike the Lightwell’s healing buff, the mana regen buff is NOT susceptible to damage taken. The top rank version of the spell is now also an instant cast. (Please note this a custom and as such the tooltip for the mana return buff shows incorrect values)

When in a raid Greater Heal will now proc Meditation, allowing 15% of your mana regeneration to continue while casting for 15 seconds. This stacks with the talent.

When using Healing Focus(Rank3) talent, pushback reduction will be 100% instead of 70% when inside a raid.

Shadowfiend will no longer take spell damage in dungeons/raids.

Top rank Mind Blast when used by a shadowpriest only will now apply Shadow Vulnerability if player is inside a raid/dungeon. This change is directed at reducing a shadow priests reliance on having a warlock in their party to do efficient dps in a raid setting.

Mindflay damage ticks will now have a 25% chance to do an 10yard aoe dealing around the same damage as the Mindflay tick. Will only occur in dungeons or raids and it won’t hit CC’d targets or targets not in combat.

Shadow Word: Death no longer deals equal damage back onto the caster when inside a raid. The return damage is 70% less ensuring it’s less punishing to use in a scaled down raid environment.

Paladin Holy light will now do a base on average 150 (pior to healing power co-effient calculation & depending on holy light rank) 15 yard radius heal around the beneficiary target. The amount depends on the rank used and this only occurs in raids/dungeons.

Scroll of Weakness will now be available to buy on the same vendors as the other custom scrolls. It is restricted to Protection Paladins to give them the equivalent of a demo shout (reduces targets attack power) and is only useable in raids.

Avenger’s Shield is now instant cast (still requires standing still) at level 70. Mana cost reduced by 50%.

Top rank Blessing of Sanctuary (group/single) now restores 2% of the players mana when the player blocks/parry or dodges a melee attack. This only affects Paladins. It works outside and inside dungeons/raids.

Righteous fury threat bonus increased by 15%.

Improved Righteous Fury talent damage taken reduction increased by 9% (only applies to tanks).

Redoubt talent can now also be triggered by blocked/parried/dodged attacks.

Crusader Strike now restores 4% of a players mana when used inside a raid/dungeon. This change is directed at improving the mana issue present with ret palas in raids. It will also allow them to push harder on the dps, which should increase their viability in raids.

Protection Paladins have a two part custom quest available to them. The starting quest item will drop from Illidan with a 25% drop rate. The next quest item comes from KJ with the same drop rate. Both items will spawn into the player’s bag rather than be looted off the boss, so they won’t take up a possible drop slot and will only be rewarded to Protection Paladins. These quests reward epic weapons allowing for additional weapon progression past Mount Hyjal.

Druids now have an out of combat res. (found on the general tab in players spellbook)

Rage income from damage taken increased by 40% to offset the lower amount of melee damage taken by mobs in a 5 man scale environment. This is only in dungeons and raids + it only applies to Druids and prot Warriors.

Druid Swipe (max rank) now hits 4 targets instead of 3 and generates 50% of the threat a Warrior Thunderclap would.

– Feral druids now have a swipe ability that does 200% weapon dmg.

Max rank Hurricane will no longer have a cooldown when cast inside dungeons/raids + mana cost reduced by 50%.

Omen of Clarity will now proc from damaging spells.

Balance talent Dreamstate now benefits a player by double the original amount for all ranks. Not active in BG/Arena.

Optional Custom Moonkin Rotation: Wrath will now do 10% more damage + has a 20% chance to pop Der’izu Focus on the caster when Insect Swarm is applied to the target. Der’izu Focus is a 20 second buff that increases arcane damage + player size by 25% for the duration and now stops all casting pushback while under it’s effects. Only active in Raids/Dungeons/Shattrath for Boomkins and only applicable to max rank spells. Please note the tooltip for Der’izu Focus is wrong showing only 10% (spell icons are clientside so cannot be changed) and Omen of Clarity/Moonkin aura need to be present on the caster for the optional custom rotation to work. Reason for this additon: Makes Boomkins viable in terms of dps output and improves upon the blizzlike TBC Moonkin which is arguably the weakest dps.

Each 1% of the player’s spell crit now adds a 0.5% chance of proccing Der’izu Focus on wrath crits when insect swarm is active on the target.

Warrior shouts now lasts 10 mins at level 70.

Rage income from damage taken increased by 40% to offset the lower amount of melee damage taken by mobs in a 5 man scale environment. This is only in dungeons and raids + it only applies to Druids and prot Warriors.

Warrior Thunderclap has 20% more threat generation and now hits 5 targets instead of 4 at level 70.

Devastate now does 100% weapon damage instead of 50% & Shield Slam does double the damage inside raids/dungeons.

Hunter pets start at loyalty 6 with 290 training points. (requires the owner to dismiss and resummon once after taming)

Hunter pets will no longer lose happiness when they die in all scenarios, same as pet deaths in battlegrounds/arena.

Shaman Mana Tide regen increased by 20% for the caster of the totem when in raids/dungeons.

Healing Stream Totem will no longer party stack in raids.

Buff totems now last 10mins up from 2mins.

When using Healing Focus(Rank3) talent, pushback reduction will be 100% instead of 70% when inside a raid.

Chain heal jump radius increased by 10 yards when inside raids/dungeons.

A restoration shaman’s mana spring totem will now also apply the healing stream totem aura when inside a raid/dungeon.

Bloodlust/Heroism will now leave a debuff on players when inside a raid called Resistances, the debuff lasts for 10mins. If another bloodlust or heroism is cast onto a player with the debuff the spell effect will be reduced by 50%.

Shaman’s can now convert Illidan’s Warglaives into an Axe version. Both the main-hand and offhand are slow in speed. Head over the Black Anvil in Blackrock Depths to fulfil your Axe loving destiny.

Mana Emerald mana gain increased by 80% when used inside a raid/dungeon.

Refreshment table now only requires the caster and 1 other person to spawn in the conjured object.

Whenever a mage is in a raid setting, using max rank fireball, scorch, frostbolt or arcane blast will have a 40% chance on crit to apply https://classic.wowhead.com/spell=16928/armor-shatter stacks to 3 & same duration.

Talent Improved Scorch (3 points)- which applies Fire Vulnerability (increases Fire damage taken by 3%), can now also be triggered by max rank Fireball crits. Only in dungeons/raids.

Poisons are not removed on Arena join.

What are the current raid lockouts?
(Fresh Server) Kara,Mag,Grull are 4 days but will reduce for each following phase progression. Eventually it will be the same as the old server reset times.
(Old Server) Kara,Mag,Gruul are 2 days & SSC, The Eye, ZA, BT, Hyjal, Onyxia’s Lair, Sunwell, Naxx, AQ are 3 days. Type .raid ingame to see reset days & times.

Is cross-faction enabled?
Yes, right now Party, Channel Join, Chat and PVP is enabled for Cross-Faction.

When does the server raids/dungeons reset?
To accommodate as many timezones as possible the current instance reset time is 8am UTC.

Is multi-boxing allowed? 
Absolutely. It’s a fun way and different way to play the game. It is strictly forbidden in Isle of Quel’Danas; as to not affect another persons play negatively. This would include using multiple characters for the sole purpose of beating up solo players out in the world. If someone attacks your multi-boxing team – this would be the only exception for world pvp being allowed. Due to the team not wanting to constantly police this, any abuse will come with a heavy punishment, be smart about it. Multi-boxing in battlegrounds/arena/world events will result in a perm account & ip ban. Please read the full rules pretraining to multi-boxing play on the rules page before engaging in this activity. It is better to be safe than sorry. TBC 5 MAN – Rules

How do I get into Heroic Dungeons Or Raids, are attunements a thing?
Attunement keys, quests or reputations are not required to enter any Heroic or Raid.

Is there a global channel for in game group advertisement?
LookingForGroup channel is player joined by default and is crossfaction & serverwide.

I’ve encounter a rare bug that’s stopping raid/dungeon progression, help! If you do have a problem with a dungeon or a raid that is progress stopping and there isnt a GM around to help quickly. We have made it so instance/raids drop from memory after 5 minutes. Just get everyone to leave the dungeon/raid for the said amount of time, the raid mobs will reset (not resetting progress). Good opportunity for a coffee/tea or toilet break.