TBC 5 Man – Update 13.01.2018

A quick update! We are now entering into the third week after launch and what a jounrey it has been so far. Congratulations to everyone currently progressing through the raid content, I hope RNG has been in your favour.

Also thank you for all the support, tons of feedback recieved and a lot of fixes put in place. We won’t stop until you stop reporting 🙂

Concerning what’s round the corner. Oh boi do we have plans. So far this is on the agenda and the progress is moving quickly. You should see implementations in the coming week or even days

Additions being worked on:

[COMPLETED – NPC IN SHATTRATH] A custom Ethereal npc that provides a multitude of dailies requiring normal end boss dungeon boss kills.The reward is health and mana potions. Maybe 5-10 per quest. [Keeps people doing the normals helping people get gear who are new, also a reason to go do the dungeons to max their rep and they ultimately the end goal of assisting people get potions for raid progression.]
— Outland 1-300 skilling Profession guides on the website
— Weapon oils(maybe others things too) from HC dungeon dailies requiring end dungeon boss kills. (needs more understanding and brainstorming)
— [COMPLETED] Doomlord Kazzak 10man scale
— [COMPLETED – FIRST DRAFT]Custom PvP vendors selling items for honor – this is to encourage pvp/battlegrounds
— The Eye continued scaling

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