TBC 5 Man Update 19.12.2018

So here we are two weeks from open beta and everything is looking good. Profession assistance in Outland to get skills to 300 is slowly getting sorted and should be finished before open beta release. Plus SSC is extremely close to full completion. In it’s current state everything is ready aside from some trash packs being a bit to easy.

Professions: 1-300
As of right now both factions can utilize the caves next to Honor Hold and Thrallmar to farm up mining and get their mats to level up Blacksmithing.

Honor Hold has it’s very own boar farm to assist people with skinning and Leatherworking (needs more work to furfill all requirements) and Thrallmar is due to get it’s own very soon.

Herbalism and Alchemy have their own area in Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh.

Lastly there been whispers that the Ethereum in Netherstorm have been hoarding Azeroth enchanting matts.

As mentioned in the beginning paragraph, SSC is very close to being fully completed, more player feedback will be beneficial in the long run though. Regarding the other raids, we’ve received a ton of feedback and as a result we can comfortably say for the most part, bosses are challenging and exciting.

I’m also excited to announce that the team have started working on The Eye and fingers crossed it’s ready for Open beta release date, if not soon after.

Concerning more footage, we are currently working on producing a more informative video showcasing all the quality of life changes, such as profession areas, the starting area and whatever I’m forgetting to mention 😉

Closed Beta-Testers:
I’d also like the take the opportunity to thank all the closed beta testers, the server wouldn’t be the way it is without the feedback.

As of right now the Discord is reaching around 70 members and it still surprises me that 70 random people stumbled into the discord without any incentive, just their own curiosity. If I haven’t welcomed you already. Welcome! We are happy to have you here.

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