TBC 5 Man Update 10.12.2018

A lot has been going on recently. With our private server open beta looming and the introduction of a number of volunteer closed beta testers [who we appreciate very much :)]; the team is running on all cylinders and as a result development is in full swing.

We have a new menu tab called About/FAQ. Hopefully this page will provide more insight to people who haven’t seen our posts on /r/wowservers or need a more personal answer to their questions

Where do I even start! A lot is always changing, we are constantly updating the core and database with server script/db improvements, world improvements and also adding to/polishing the faction starting areas. I couldn’t possibly note down all the changes in this post but if you want something more detailed, there is a feed on our discord. [https://discord.gg/gJT7Gn4]

Concerning server related announcements, I am please to inform you that closed beta testing by external members of the community has gone really well and the feedback has been amazing. All in all the feedback is very positive with everyone genuinely enjoying their experience, which is always great to hear! It means we are making the right choices 🙂

If you want more details in relation to the raid tuning/server progress, check out our real-time tracking document. https://tbc5man.com/2018/11/22/server-progress-track-yourself/

Whats Coming:
A lot of raiding testing footage has been collected recently so expect more raid showcase videos in the future, in addition to more videos showcasing the quality of life changes.

Want to join in?
If you’re interested to join the closed beta to facilitate testing, or just check us out. Information to join closed beta is in our discord. Come join the community [https://discord.gg/gJT7Gn4] On open beta release, closed beta raid testers will receive a unique personally chosen tabard to show off. This is to show our appreciation. Without testers there is no polish 🙂

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