We’ve Heard Your Feedback!

After announcing our arrival into the private server scene on the /r/wowserver subredit; we received a ton of brilliant feedback and this week has been really busy for the TBC 5 Man team as a result. A lot of discussions, brainstorming and farting around!

Link to post

So down to the nitty gritty! What’s changing?

Experience Rates: Now 3x!

This was the bulk of the feedback we received and we completely agree, a more enjoyable less grindy leveling process is a great idea.

Low level pre-raid dungeons: Bosses will drop all rares from their loot table.

To make the initial gearing process (pre-raiding) more enjoyable we have decided to make it so the end game dungeon bosses drop far more loot, this means you won’t need to repeat dungeons to get the pre-raiding gear you want

Attunement: Atunements will less hassle or a thing of the past

Karazhan attunement won’t be required and we are investigating other attunements to see if they need amending, such as dungeons that are rep gated.

Professions: Earnt professions skill increased

The last thing the team want is for people to have to go back to vanilla content to farm their professions up. Especially considering professions are key to raiding in TBC. The exact number on the increase has not been decided yet but I can tell you that the time to level will be significantly reduced.

Weapon skill: Weapon skill leveling is significantly increased

Although this isn’t a new decision, we failed initially to inform you of this rate change. 

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